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Why and how use WhatsApp for business marketing

We have seen a revolution in the way people communicates, from letters and telegrams to text messages and now WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the first and foremost app that comes to our mind when we talk about sending messages or different files. It is an app designed for android and other smartphone users which was founded byJan Koum and Brian Acton that allow one to send text messages and other multimedia files for free of cost.

Not only you can send texts but also make voice and video calls to your friend and family all over the world at no additional costs. There are no hidden charges, no mess of forgetting your password as you are connected to this app via your phone number. One doesn’t have to fear about security while sending personal data or information as they are end to end encrypted. We can even share our location, email our chats or broadcast messages to multiple contacts at once. More than one billion people across 180 countries are currently using this wonderful app.

WhatsApp is getting really popular for business marketing. To avoid high expenses on marketing most of the businesses are now turning towards WhatsApp which saves lots of money and is also fast and reliable. Some of its advantages in business marketing are:

  • No training required- The first and foremost advantage is that now days almost everyone uses WhatsAppand using it doesn’t require any special training. People associated with a different business can form groups for any type of discussion which makes the whole communication easy and fast.
  • Marketing- With the help of WhatsApp a business can easily show its product’s image, send its features, discuss its price and promotional offers etc.
  • Promotion- For promotional activities, WhatsApp is considered as a boon as it reaches a mass audience. It offers higher chances of delivery which one doesn’t get in emails or text messages. One can use WhatsApp to promote its business in a creative way.
  • Customer Service-For any kind of query or information customers need to contact the customer care department. Most of the organizations use phone calls or emails for the customers to contact the customer care department. With WhatsApp, it is easier to contact the customer care executive of an organization. The customers will get an instant response with the use of this app.
  • Creating a Brand Image-ThroughWhatsApp, it is easy to create a brand image as its number of users is much higher than on any other marketing platform and any new information spreads like a wildfire in the forest and the product gets all the required attention through this unplanned marketing.


Thus through the points given above it has been proven that WhatsApp is very helpful in marketing for business.