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Send WhatsApp message without the internet

No internet connection in your area and still want to access WhatsApp? Here is the solution. Now Android and iOS users can send messages using WhatsApp without the internet. Previously, it was not possible to send messages without the internet but the latest version of WhatsApp give a relief to its users and now they can access WhatsApp without the internet.

Learn how to send messages using WhatsApp without the Internet through this article.

Note:WhatsApp users who want to access WhatsApp without the internet should have the latest version of the application. If your device (Android or iOS) has an older version of WhatsApp, then just update it using the Google App Store or App Store. iOS device users must have some storage space in their device to use this feature. It is advised to delete the unwanted documents, files, images etc. from our iOS device.

How to Send Message Using WhatsApp without the Internet

In order to access WhatsApp without the internet, one can buy "ChatSim". ChatSim is just like any other normal sim card that can be used in your mobiles phones. It is manufactured in Milan, Italy. Through ChatSim people can make the call and communicate with others without having an internet connection. Not only WhatsApp, one can also use other messaging apps like BBM, WeChat, Hike, etc. Learn about the steps to send WhatsApp messages without the internet using ChatSim.

  1. Purchase Chat Sim which will cost around 950 INR and is valid for one year.
  2. Activate the Chat Sim with a number (WhatsApp Number).
  3. You will be asked to enter the 20-digit verification number on the sim card.
  4. Once you enter the verification number the sim will activate and ready to use.
  5. Now you access WhatsApp or any other messaging app without internet connection.

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