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Send Public Messages Privately using WhatsApp

If your fingers get tired by sending the same message to all the contacts in your contact list then we have a smart shortcut for you.
In WhatsApp, there is a feature named "Broadcast List", using which you can select a message and send it to as many people you want and those also of your choice. With this feature, you can save a list of recipients and can send a broadcast message to all of them privately. You can save your time as you don't select people you want to send a message.

Here we are going to tell you about “How to Create Broadcast List”.
1) Open your WhatsApp Messenger.
2) Press the dots available on the upper corner which shows you "New Broadcast"
3) Then there you can type your contacts names or you can also press the + button to choose contacts from your contact list.
4) And as select the contacts then click the “Create List”.

Remember, you have created a new broadcast list and it’s not a group. So whenever you send a message using the broadcast list, automatically all recipients in the list will get the message privately.

Note:This feature works with the contacts who has added your number to their contact list and will only get your broadcast messages.

How to Edit Broadcast List:
1) Firstly, open the Broadcast Lists.
2) Open the Broadcast List you want to edit.
3) Click on the name of the Broadcast List.
4) Now in the Broadcast List Info Screen, you are allowed to do multiple things like


  • You Can anytime Change The Name Of List
  • You Can Add More Contacts to any of your Broadcast Lists.
  • You Can anytime Remove Any of the Contact from any of the Lists.


Now select your people you want to send messages and send them a message at the same time using this feature of WhatsApp.