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WhatsApp tip : send custom font style

WhatsApp rolls out many new features after it was acquired by Facebook in February 2014. Users know most of the features of WhatsApp like video calling, audio calling, sending images, GIF, videos, documents, user location but most of them don't know about some hidden features provided by the company.

One such cool feature is "add custom text style & send using WhatsApp". Through "custom text style" feature users can send text messages in a different font, dubbed FixedSys. This feature supports iOS, Android, and Web Apps. The article provides a complete solution to the question "How Can I Add Custom Text Style".

Note:WhatsApp users should have updated version of the application in order to add custom text style. If your device has an older version of WhatsApp, then just update it via the Google App Store and enjoy this feature.

How to Add Custom Text Style in WhatsApp

One can change the font style of chosen words or phrases using specific options. These options are available through similar keyboard shortcuts.

Add Font Variations

  • [Italic]
    Users can change the font to Italic by including underscore (_) before and after the chosen words or phrases e.g. _This is Italic_
  • [Bold]
    In order to Bold, the text adds an asterisk (*) before and after the chosen words or phrases e.g. *This is Bold*.
  • [Strikethrough ]
    In order to make the text strikethrough crossed out, add a (~) before and after the chosen words or phrases e.g. ~This is Strikethrough~
  • [FixedSys]
    To enjoy FixedSys font use ` character three times before and three times after the chosen words or phrases .e.g. ```This is FixedSys Font```Android users can find this character on the second page of punctuation & symbols keyboard. It is tough for iPhone users to locate ` character on the default Apple iOS keyboard. Users need to hit the 123 key and then press & hold on the apostrophe to find this particular character.

These are the shortcuts through which WhatsApp user can add custom text style and send a message. Other Apps like iFont and Font In2staller will do the same work.

Change Font Size

In order to change the font size of chosen words or phrases follows the below steps.

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Press Menu Option
  3. Go to Setting > Chat Setting > Font Size.
  4. Select Small, Medium or Large Font.

This is how users with the latest version can Add Custom Text Style and send a message using WhatsApp.