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How to backup and restore in WhatsApp android and iPhone

In this World of Technology and Advancement, all big things are becoming very small or micro, which can be carried easily everywhere like the lots of data, documents,  files, pictures and many more things. And these are storing in the same place i.e., memory card, pen drive, mobile phones or google drive, etc.
Backup and Restore create copies of an entire data system into a secure and protected alternate system, mobile phones or iPhones. Important files or documents are accidentally deleted at any time.
That's why the WhatsApp Messenger provides us the feature of restore and backup the lost data. In WhatsApp, the loss data can be restored again.
For this follow the simple steps to Recover or Restore your WhatsApp Data.
1) Open WhatsApp, go to the “Setting”.
2) Now six more options will appear on the screen, for backing up data you have to select "CHATS AND CALLS." 3) Under the chats and calls, you will be getting an option "BACKUP CHATS".4) Now, wait for seconds, it is backing up your chats.

There are many other steps and tricks to backup and restore the data.
And yes there is 70% chances to restore the data or chats. You can restore the data by following the few steps:-
1) First, you have to uninstall the WhatsApp and again reinstall it.2) After reinstalling the option will appear in the starting "RESTORE" click on it, it will restore all the data where it was deleted.

NOTE: -There are only up 7 days worth of backup files.
Prevention: To secure your data or chats
1) Go to Setting
2) Select Media
3) Backup Conversation

These steps will you to keep save your data or chats. This manual backup will create a backup file in the folder, which can be seen in the file manager.