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Hide WhatsApp profile picture to strangers

Without any doubt, WhatsApp can be considered as the top messaging platform as it has over billions of users that are actively communicating over voice or sending text messages around the globe. Until date, WhatsApp has released a lot of features that you can use to manage your privacy or control your privacy.

The privacy is more important than any other thing, because the privacy concerns and risks are growing day by day. In few seconds your profile picture are spreading among the strangers and unknown people. The cause of this, many people remains their account public, but they don't think that what will be the outcome of this irresponsibility or carelessness. Many of people are misusing the pictures of other people especially girl's pictures which can be described as very shameful for girls in our society.

So Be Careful About:-

  • You should keep your account private.
  • Block the unknown / unwanted people and never save any unknown number.
  • And the most important thing that always show your profile picture only to your trustable ones.

As precaution is better than Cure :)

How to Hide WhatsApp Profile Picture from Strangers?

Here we take a look at the WhatsApp feature "hide WhatsApp profile picture from strangers"
> to hide profile picture from unknown people, firstly we have to change the privacy settings.
Follow the steps to hide your profile picture given below:-

In WhatsApp
> 1) Go to “Setting”
> 2) Then “Account”
> 3) And then “Privacy”

In “Privacy” options, you will be getting three options:-

> NOBODY: No one can see your profile picture, which means hidden to everyone.

> MY CONTACTS: Your profile picture will be visible only to your contact list or whose number is saved in your phone.

> EVERYONE: Open to all, everyone or anyone who has your number can see your profile picture.
These options provide you the flexibility and security to manage your WhatsApp Account.

So, you have to select "MY CONTACTS" option to hide your profile picture from strangers or unknown people.

Moreover, at the end of privacy page, a last feature will appear "BLOCKED CONTACTS"  if you add a number in block list then that person will not able see your profile picture and status neither he/she can message you. So, if there is someone you don’t want to be in contact via WhatsApp then you put his number in that list.

Warning/Note: At the same time you must be careful about which number you are adding in the blocked list. Before blocking a person with this option, take care that you are not accidentally blocking your friend's or any known one’s number. If you block them accidentally, then they will not be able to send you any message and also it will hide your profile picture from your friends too.