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Disable WhatsApp auto save picture in gallery

WhatsApp is known to be the best messaging app available for both Android device user and iOS device users. It is great medium to send messages & photos to your contacts, friends and family. Most of the people get irritated, distracted or get disturbed by the one of its default feature i.e. When someone sends a picture using WhatsApp, it automatically get saves to your gallery which in turn fills your storage & any unwanted picture that you may not like gets into your phone gallery.

If you are looking for a method to “Disable WhatsApp Auto Save Picture in Gallery” then read the instruction below.

In order to use the feature to disable WhatsApp Auto Save Picture in Gallery one must have the latest version of WhatsApp application. People who don’t have the latest version can download it from Google Play Store (Android Users) or App Store (iOS users)

How to Disable WhatsApp Auto save Picture in Gallery

Follow the below steps to learn “how to disable WhatsApp Auto Save picture in gallery”. Through this method, you can save your storage capacity and can download the pictures that you actually want.

  1. Open WhatsApp Application
  2. Go to Chats Screen
  3. At the top corner select the three dots.
  4. Select "Settings" option from the menu.
  5. Tap on "Chat" option.
  6. Now tap on the option of "Media auto-download"
  7. There will be three options for you to download media using Mobile Data/Wi-Fi/While Roaming.
  8. Select each option one by one and after that uncheck the option of “Image” that comes after that.

So now WhatsApp users can “Disable WhatsApp auto save picture in Gallery”. Feel free to share this short and cool method to someone who is looking for the same.