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Disable last seen in WhatsApp (Android and IOS)

WhatsApp is the easiest way to stay in touch with friends and who are living so far to us. By WhatsApp plenty of knowledge, news, jokes and other useful things are spreading rapidly.
Similarly, there is a very interesting and useful feature in WhatsApp and that is “ONLINE” and “LAST SEEN” status by which we get to know that when user is/was online, if a person currently using or doing any activity on WhatsApp than it shows us online and user not doing anything or his/her WhatsApp is off then it will show the last seen timing, for example “Today At 7:30 PM”
This is the unique and very interesting feature of WhatsApp. But many users don’t want to show their last seen to others and for this there is a privacy option to manage last seen privacy in your account.
Keep in Minds:
You may have set your privacy setting to not share your last seen, if you do not share your last seen, you cannot see other people's last seen.

Steps to Disable your “Last Seen” in Anroid and Iphone

1) Go to the WhatsApp “Setting”

2) Click “Account”

2) Find “Privacy” Option

3) Then under the Privacy, you can see how to manage or set the Last Seen Privacy.

In This Feature You Will be getting 3 More Options to Select One

1) Nobody

2) My Contact

3) Everyone

Nobody: No one can see your last seen or online status.

My Contact:With this option, you will only allow those people to see your Last Seen status who are already there in your contact list.

Everyone: Anyone having your phone number can see your Online or Last Seen status.

NOTE: The issue Nobody Setting having is that, if you select this option then you will also not be able to see the last seen status of others.

In certain circumstances, changes to the privacy setting may not immediately came into notice on the other’s mobile phones. But if you want to hide last seen from specific people and you even don't have to block any user or any friend to hide last seen. So here is the trick.

Follow the steps to hide last seen from specific person which are as follows;-

1) Firstly, same as go to setting of WhatsApp.
2) Then change its privacy, select "MY CONTACTS" to show last seen to whom you want to share your status.

But at the end, you have to delete contact number from WhatsApp for whom you want to hide last seen, after that specific number will not able to see your last seen on WhatsApp.