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Create contact shortcut for WhatsApp Contacts.

In this busy life, nobody have extra time even for a second.
In WhatsApp, we have lots of people and friends in our mobile’s contact list and there are few people with whom we chat a lot whether they are our close friends or our colleagues. WhatsApp gives us an option to create a shortcut of those WhatsApp Contacts so that we don’t have to open our WhatsApp and search for those contacts.

To do this, there are very simple steps with which you can create the shortcut for specific contacts.
1) You have do is a long-tap on the contact which you want to create a shortcut for.

2) After that, at your home page, you will be able to see the contacts which were added to the list of shortcut contact.

Alternate Method

1) Open your WhatsApp Messenger

2) Go to the Chat view.

3) Choose the contact you want to create shortcut for, and then pin to your home screen and

4) Then Pin to your Home Screen and tap on the Menu option.

5) Go to More Option and click on the “Add ShortCut” option.

Create a shortcut of the contacts you want chat on the regular basis and save valuable time.